Please help! New grad with possible geri-psych job offer.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm a new grad RN with a possible geri-psych job offer. My long term goal is to specialize in geriatrics nursing and maybe go back to school and become a geriatric nursing practioner OR get into research nursing... I was wondering if this geri-psych job will help me accomplish my long term goals and make me a better candidate for future jobs or not. It has been really hard to find any place that would accept new grad RN because everyone wants someone with at least 1 year of experience and I have none so this is definitely an opportunity plus I need to start making money asap! However, because this geri-psych place is willing to take me in and train me, they asked that I sign a 2-yr contract with them because they don't want to invest in someone that will just leave which is understandable. What should I do??? Is this a good opportunity to start off with?? If yes, what is a good asking salary for a new grad BSN,RN in a geri-psych setting? Thank you so much for your help!
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Salaries are market driven, based on supply-demand, and location. Salary and benefits should be comparable to med surg or general psych unit.
    Sounds like a good opportunity if you feel good about the position. Whether you sign the contract is up to you.
  4. by   nicholaa2
    I work on a geri-psych floor and you basically get the "best" (depends if this is your cup of tea, then yes, best is probably the right word) of both worlds -- an elderly patient with the standard plethora of medical co-morbidities and then mental health issues - or more likely dementia / Alzheimers on top of their medical concerns.

    9 times out of 10, my elderly patient does not have any other mental health issues other than dementia/Alzheimers and it is very frustrating for those of us who really wanted to work psych with a "cure/fix" (such as depression, bi-polar) and sadly, there is no cure for dementia/Alzheimers. It's just continual re-orientation, re-directioning and watching patients who don't even know their name or how to go to the bathroom anymore and make sure they don't fall with every step they take or they don't wander into the room of a young, hallucinating/psychotic patient.

    (Obviously I am looking to get OUT of geri-psych, so take my words with a grain of salt...)