Pay, benefits, etc @ UHS facilities

  1. Hello,

    I may be starting at a UHS facility soon. I am looking for advice on the pay scale in terms of base pay, shift differential, LPN vs RN pay, weekend pay, etc.

    I am also interested to hear about benefits.

    I would also like to know about the working conditions,etc.

    I am in NE Florida.

    Thank you
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  3. by   MentalRN74
    Good luck is all I can say. I spent 7 years working for a UHS facility and the quality of the workplace went down year after year. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   Meliss214
    I'm working at a facility that was recently purchased by UHS. So far nothing has changed except the incidence reports.
  5. by   funnypsychRN
    I've been working for UHS for 2 yrs and I'm very happy. The pay is competitive to other psych hospitals in the area. The benefits are okay, UHS is very generous with their pto. I've only been out of school for 2 yrs, but UHS is very big on advancing (when it's deserved)so, now I manage the acute and subacute adolescent units of our hospital. I'm sure there are going to be differences at each UHS hospital, but I'm happy at mine and I was happy at an acute care hospital in Texas that was owned by UHS. I drive quite a ways every day just to work for UHS. I also, appreciate UHS's "let's not blame, let's find a solution, instead" attitude. I'm not going to say it's perfect. I've been through some rough times where I work and there are always going to be things that I don't agree with, but like I said I'm happy.
  6. by   tntrn
    If you mean UHS with base office in King of Prussia, PA, I have worked for a facility of theirs in Washington State for 21 years. Some of their hospitals are union and some are not, and i believe that the pay rates will vary because of what each facility negotiaties with its union, if it has one, and also can vary greatly by where in the country the facility is located.
  7. by   Mashira
    What is the PTO per year FunnyPsychRN? We just got word that we'll be going from ESL/SICK/VACATION time to a pool of PTO for the year. Just wondering how large a pool that's going to be.
  8. by   NurseCard
    I worked at a UHS facility in KY, and the pay and benefits were pretty good. I didn't care much for the fact that our administrators seemed pressured to accept ANY and EVERY person who walked in the door regardless of whether or not we even had any beds. But, that was just where I worked. Sometimes situations like that are just to be expected in a for-profit facility.
  9. by   aloevera
    UHS bought our hospital last year..........only thing I have noticed was ...the census is going down.....and nurses are being called off because of this...
  10. by   NPvampire
    I am in a nonunion state and my first job out of school was at a UHS Pruitt facility. The most senior floor RN made $24 plus a $2 shift diff. Maybe others are different.
  11. by   sunshinepsychRN
    Anybody have new updates on the UHS takeovers at their facilities, good or not so good? Also, out of curiosity please let me know if your facility is unionized?
  12. by   aloevera
    We have NO union at our UHS hospital....the benefits have gotten better....cheaper from what I can see happening, so that is one good thing...

    I must agree with we seem to be taking any and everyone that has matter what their medical condition is........
    they seem to be under pressure to admit everyone.........that scares me....

    we have had a heavy turnover of doctors of late, that scares me also.
  13. by   Mashira
    Great so far. We were PSI, now UHS. More PTO, more staff, and better guidelines that actually DO something on the unit as opposed to just meeting minimal standards to pass inspections. Better benefits, and FINALLY a matching 401K. It's looking up!
  14. by   jonesgeo
    Hi Mishira,

    Can you tell me more about your experience at the UHS-Pruitt? Do they have shift differential/weekend premiums?