Nursing Salaries - Inpatient vs. Outpatient

  1. I work as as psychiatric nurse/clinician for a emergency service which, in addition to doing crisis evaluations either on site or at one of the two local emergency, also operates on site a Crisis Stabilization/Respite Program which has up to 8 psychiatric
    patients. There is only one RN scheduled per shift and, as a
    result, responsibilities are many and varied. In addition to being accountable for all the on site patients, I am also expected to
    complete, on the average, one crisis evaluation per shift, a process which, from start to finish, takes a minimum of 2 hours;
    provide triage and telephone support services available to the
    general public; do Crisis Stabilization intakes and admissions;
    function as the shift coordinator; and do secretarial and other
    non-nursing and/or non-clinician duties. Las week, at our monthly staff meeting , the director of my program announced that he was told by "corporate" that the reason that the RNs that work in my program do not make as much money per hour as RNs
    working for the same company but in inpatient settings is because our work isn't as hard.

    I would be curious if anybody else has experienced this and would
    welcome any comments any of you have about this issue.

    Also, does anybody know what the salary range is for RNs working in the Arbour Health System managed by UHS? I have tried to find this out by going through the right channels but, as
    yet, have not been able to get a concrete answer.
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  3. by   sanakruz
    I'm going to say something VERY rude. Dont continue to suck the corporate d888k!
    You are doing the job of 4-5 maybe 6 people.
    Take your good caring self into the public sector.
    Responding to field crisises isnt hard???!!! You mean you leave your unit to go to an ER an assess someone for admission? Girl , you are a "consultant" now. Do you think they could get an LCSW or PsyD to do this for you? It wouldnt come cheap I assure you!