New Grad Struggles Want Psych Nursing - page 2

I am in need of advice. I'm a new grad who works on a Cardiac floor and I absolutely hated it. It is not for me and I found this out after working eight shifts on this floor. I am at a point where I... Read More

  1. by   3peas
    If you like psych go to psych. Psych pt's need good nurses who want to be there. I left critical care after a few months because I knew it was not for me and went to psych. When you know, you know. It's scary being a new grad, and yes it's hard to get back into a hospital if that's what you want, but not impossible. I left my unit on good terms, I think a manger would rather know now then 3-6 months in after they have invested a ton of time in you. Good luck and get your job!