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Lets talk clozaril- I work in a small out patient mental health clinic. Of our three docs, only one is prescribing clozaril for his pts. These 3 folks are doing remarkable well. I'd like to see... Read More

  1. by   Commander Vimes
    I run a Clozaril Clinic and for some Patients it is the wonder drug,

    I have seen functioning fully restored. (not in all cases i must add) it takes a while however upto and over a year for some, but it is incredibly controlled with blood tests initially weekly and twice a week if an amber result is seen.
    during the dispensing we take B.P and Pulse and also ask about recent infection etc.
    We have also started taking blood sugar levels as there is some evidence of medication induced diabetes.
    and it makes you fat. but other than that its expensive and good stuff.
    with the salivation aspect its usually only on initiation of the drug and contolled with travel sickness pills. (i kid you not)
    if your client has run the gamut of at least two types of anti-psychotic but shows no improvement i would seriously consider the stuff but there must be evdence of total compliance.
  2. by   CliveUK
    Totally off topic here but do I know you from elsewhere, Cmdr Vimes? It's the Discowrld reference that set bells a-jangling.
  3. by   Commander Vimes
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  4. by   Loray
    Quote from sanakruz
    Geodon takes a while... Had a woman who was in and out of the hosp, only 25. Responding really well. Less enraged and her speech now makes sense. I keep looking for the risperidone depo. Maybe they are using it in Europe. One of our docs who also practices in Mexico keeps promising us it's coming. We have several folks on prolixin or haldol depo- They tend to be slippery tho, and we have to catch them when we can. One woman's mother is an lvn and gives her injections at home! Works great, she has not been hospitalized for 10 years.
    what is the other name for Geodon has not come to Aus yet.