1. hi everyone! :roll
    i am a newly graduated psychiatric nurse from auckland new zealand. my specialty areas are forensic, and child/adolescent mental health nursing. quite a diversity:d
    i hope to join in a wide range of topics posted on this bb, are there any other new zealanders out there?
    catch you all soon....leisa
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  3. by   donmurray
    Welcome! I think you are the first from NZ. There are a few from Aus,and some Brits, and Jayna is from Oceania.
  4. by   Leisa
    How exciting...I am the inagural Kiwi
    So whats the hot topic of discussion at the moment?
    Here in New Zealand the media appear to be having a break from blaming the mental health system for it's 'mistakes'.....and I am having a hard time deciding what to do next year, whether to continue on the clinical path, or stay on and finish my Masters....*sigh*
  5. by   donmurray
    WE have a proposed bill out for consultation, which changes the legal definition of mental illness to include personality disorder. This, combined with draconian changes such as compulsory treatment orders which apply in the community, and a provision for the indefinite hospitalisation of those patients / persons who may not have committed a crime, but are deemed "dangerous" have caused some lively debate so far.
  6. by   Leisa
    Goodness, I bet the discussions have been lively. I work in a child/adolescent acute inpatient unit, and also in the community in supported accomodation, for clients who have been through the forensic system. I see many people (espec. the adolescents) who have not committed any crime, but are 'labelled' as 'potential risks' and kept an eye on through community services. After the last few years of mental health service inadequacies in this country, I guess its a case of attempting to shut the gate after the sheep have bolted. Its also about being chronically under resourced, a situation I suspect is rife all across the world????
  7. by   Heidi
    Hi Leisa, Nice to see a fellow NZ here. I have been in psych now for coming up 5 years in good old Palmerston North. My specialty area is also forensics, however this is in general adult community mental health, as they down size forensic services. I am currently doing a post graduate course in forensics. I am sure I could have some info to share and vice versa