Interview Questions for Psychiatric Nursing positions

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    I have worked in Acute Inpatient Adult Psychiatry for almost 3 years now on and off. I have also been traveling for the last 2 years and only did a bit of casual psych nursing in between. I am curremtly seeking employment again in Psychiatry and have an interview. It has been awhile since i've been formally interviewed and seem to be abit nervous as I'm not sure what to expect. Can anyone give me some ideas on types of questions I may be asked. The manager said it will be basic psych knowledge questions and some situational questions. I'm worried about my current knowledge re: psych meds, etc as like I said it's been awhile since I've worked in nursing. Please let me know of any experiences and questions you have been asked in this type of imterview.

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    When I interviewed for my job over 10 years ago, I was apprehensive about the questions I would be asked too. My concerns were the same as yours. They did ask basic psych questions and situational questions, but the most challenging questions they asked related to how I personally cope with stress, how I relax, and how I take care of myself. I hadn't prepared for this and it made me stop and think. At that time, I had a 6 month old baby and when I was asked what I do to relax, all I could think of to say was "rocking my baby." I felt stupid after I said it, but the interviewers accepted it.
    When you are working in mental health, it is so important to have good leisure activities and interests that help you recharge your own batteries because this line of work can be mentally and physically draining.