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  1. I am a new RN, and I attempted neuro ICU for 2 months, but it absolutely wasn't for me. I am searching again, and although my passion is psych, I am willing to work in med/surg or any other entry-level position. I know that a year of med/surg can be the best way to go especially if I didn't work out in the ICU.

    My problem is - I had an interview with a private, long-term, inpatient mental health facility last week, but it is an hour and a half away from my house, and they have 8-hour shifts. I had an initial phone interview today for a hospital that is 10 minutes away, and I have an in-person interview on Thursday for a med/surg floor (new grad position). I was told that I was "a breath of fresh air" and that the HR director loved my résumé at the psych facility but that she had some other candidates for interviews this week and that she would let me know.

    If I get a call from the psych facility saying I got the job, should I take it?? If I don't get a call by the time my med/surg interview is, should I call to follow up? What if the med/surg floor offers me a job before I hear from the other job?

    My heart is saying go for the mental health job no matter what, but I also know that a year or more of med/surg will really help me in the future no matter what job I have.

    Any advice would really help!! Thank you so much!!

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  3. by   serenitylove14
    I dont know how true to year of med-surg thing will actually help you if psych is your passion. You may get into psych and figure out it isnt for you either. But go with your heart! Dont do anything just because someone else said it would be good for you. I have a friend who worked in med-surg and now is looking to go into another specialty and is now stuck.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I agree, go with whatever interests you more. Yes, time spent in med/surg won't hurt you and can be helpful in some ways, but it's not critical for success in psych by any means. And if you have the opportunity to pursue your passion vs. being miserable in a specialty you dislike for a year of two...well, life is short and opportunities aren't always forthcoming.

    Best of luck whatever you decide!