hello sweety nurse

  1. it's my fist time in this lovely cite,hope to be accepted,i'm male nurse from algéria looking 2 meet same person to exchange expérience
    i'm working psychiatric hopital since 1986 and need a help to build pschiatric association to help pschiatric sickers.hope to hear about you honey nurse soon your's abdou
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  3. by   Morgan314
    You have worked a long time and it would be interesting to hear about psychiatric treatment in your country. In USA we treat many people with stress, anxiety, and depression. What is the most common sickness you work with?. In our country, we refer to psychiatric sickers as "mentally ill."
  4. by   Algérian2Day
    hello Morgan?i'm sorry men i'm 2 late but really it's my hope to meet some people 2 took about psychiatry,so where i'm i'm working the king of case maladie it's drepression then toxico and schizo.
    hope to hear about you soon Morgan that's my email cyberazik@yahoo.fr
  5. by   Algérian2Day
    i'm in road to build association of psychiatric sicker
    could you help me to contact some one in USA Association
    to get some good idéas
    dear Morgan excuse my little big language.

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