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  1. Im a 3rd year psych student and will be doing a lot of handovers this year. I would like to know does anyone have any resources of a structure they use for delivering information.
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  3. by   greenbeanio
    Not entirely clear as to what you are asking. Can you say more?

    In general, I've found that report starts with an overview covering such information as:
    Census, Capacity, Discharges - completed and upcoming, Admissions - completed and upcoming
    Observation levels: 1:1s, 5-minute (or 15-minute) checks, Restraints/Seclusion, Suicide Risk, Self-Harm Risk, Risk of Violence, Elopement Risk, Fall Risk, Mouth Checks, Eating Disorder protocol, I&O
    Fingersticks/Diabetics, CIWAs & Detoxes, Seizure Disorders, Coumadin, Clozaril, Critical Labs, LOC/sedation
    Community issues

    Then we move on to specific patients and go over
    Axis 1, 2 & 3 dx, when admitted and why, status (voluntary or not),
    Pt's self-report of Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep, Appetite,
    Observation of affect, behavior, participation in unit activities and socialization with peers,
    if relevant, evidence of psychosis, SI/SH/HI/AH/VH/PI
    primary concerns/issues, health issues, issues requiring follow-up
    All of the topics from the general overview as relevant to the individual patient, including relevant lab values, FSBG, CIWA scores, total mg of significant PRNS if relevant (eg detox meds or narcs).

    I find it helpful to make up a grid - one for the overview and one for each individual patient, so that the objective information can be filled out, photocopied and handed out at report, thereby allowing the time at report to be spent on the more subjective information and the details/explanations, which are better passed on verbally.

    Is this what you were looking for? Hope it helps.
  4. by   Fenness
    Wow that is really comprehensive, exactly what Im looking for. It sounds familiar plus more. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
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