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Hello All, I'm going to dive right in here with my post, it's long & involved but I thank you if you take the time to read it (really, you deserve a cookie if you get through it all!):mad: . I know... Read More

  1. by   edorn
    I feel your pain, even felt a little triggered just reading your post. I too was traumatized in the mental health day treatment child/adolescent program where I just resigned my position after developing anxiety attacks following 2 assaults that happened INSIDE my office while I already was on restriction for a shoulder injury due in part to the twisting and pulling on my arms while doing take downs on violent patients.The manager (a psychologist who has a bleeding heart for the criminal teens but none for the staff ) refused to dismiss these 200 lb, 6 feet tall thugs who daily threatened bodily harm to us and said the most horrible graphic things, ripped up the place, kicked holes in the walls and threw furniture and used any object as a weapon,and when we expressed our fear we heard some stupid rhetoric about "some people get burned out".
    My anxiety and fear began permeating other areas of life. My husband pleaded with me daily to stop working there. Finally after a rather severe episode of shaking, heart pounding, nearly irresistable urge to run out of the treatment center, I realized that this setting was destroying me. You have got to trust what your body is telling you: you are on the path of destruction to mind/body/soul. As far as cobra goes, I believe you do not have to pay it up front. You have something like 60 days to make the first payment/installment. With the nursing shortage as it is, search, search, search. How about home health care?? Lots of creative jobs these days are posted on the internet nursing job lines.
    I have been blessed, as I printed up my notice of termination, I found an ad in the newspaper looking for a nurse to participate in opening a new program for eating disorder teens/young adults in the same institution, applied for and got accepted for the position. NO JOB is worth what you are going through Ms Piggy. Please tell us next week that you have taken the first step to get out of that dangerous place!!
  2. by   MsPiggy
    Hello Everyone,
    Well I have sent out at least 10 resumes this week, so I'm trying to find something. John thank you for the link I'm gonig to check it out after I finish this post.

    Things have not changed at all & we are getting a new boss within the next week or two that has no medical background at all. At least the manager we had under the medical director tried to be an advocate for us (which is probably why they are taking our area from her), it's just going bad to worse. Our job duties & pt load has doubled & tripled in some cases, pts are screaming at us because the admission process is taking 5-6 hours, which we have no control over, management isists on loading up the schedule without proper staff and we get screaming pt.s, families, etoh withdrawal seizures, and lots of behavior escalating..Where is management? On their way home at 4:30pm of course!

    I have a weeks vacation the last week of Nov, but am hoping to find something before then so I can take the vacation time & leave shortly thereafter. I did put in on my time card for all the breaks I've been refused including the federally mandated 15 min breaks and was not paid for any of them..This really pisses me off. I'm on this weekend and dreading it once again. We are expecting Jacoh (spelling?) and believe me I would love to get a chance to speak with them.

    I just try to get through the day one day at a time as the saying goes, sooner or later I'm sure I'll find something becuase I am very actively looking. I did not get paid for the overtime I worked the past pay period either..Can't wait to be out of there!

    Thanks for listening- to make it short-I'm hanging in there, trying not to stay in a constant state of stress (aren't we all?) and very actively searching for other employment!

    Hugsxx & Thanks for the support!
  3. by   sanctuary
    Climb out of that pit before the snakes get ya! And do talk to the reviewers when JCAHO gets there. If you think that it is not safe for you to talk at work, make an appointment to talk to them off the clock. They are supposed to take all testimony offered. A word from them makes the bigwigs jump, because most if not all insurance companies take Jayco's word for how good a place is. If they lose their JACHO accreditation, they won't be able to bill. Remember, most JACHO standards pertain to patient safety, and if the staff is not safe, the patients are not either.
    Get some anti-anxiety meds from your doc. And if the only time you are anxious is when you have to go to that place, make a job related stress claim.Do as much as you can before you leave, then leave.