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  1. Any tips on how I can get the most from my final practicum on an acute psych unit? I have had mixed emotions about this placement from the beginning. I find psych/mental health nursing really interesting so I am pretty sure I will enjoy this practicum. On the other hand, with 3 months to graduation I really wanted to master some of the basic psychomotor skills I would get in med/surg. I plan to apply at a pediatric ED where I currently work as an aide. We do get kids there with mental health issues, but it seems that the prevailing attitude is that psych nursing isn't "real" nursing.
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  3. by   MALE*RN*777
    First, what part of psych nursing is not nursing. You are to treat the body, mind and spirit. As a psych nurse do I not, give medication PO and Injections? I may not do IVs anymore but neither does a nurse in schools, doctors offices, administration, community health, etc. Do I not clean and dress wounds caused by self injury or accidents? Do I not take vital signs? Do I look for signs and symptoms of infection and mental status changes? Do I not read lab work and report findings to a Doctor and take verbal orders? Do I not transcribe orders and delegate jobs to others on the health care team? Do I not train new employees and preceptor students? Do I not know CPR? Do I not comfort the young and old patients under my care and reassure family of there well being? Do I not know how to restrain a 300lb man attempting to kill me or a co-worker because he thinks we are satanists. Sorry to rant but I disagree with those who believe psych nurses aren't real nurses. Good luck !!!
  4. by   Morgan314
    Shawnina, you can make the most of your psych nurse practicum by focussing on learning skills that you will use with all your patients, no matter what unit they are on. Why would anyone think that psych nursing is not "real nursing"? Nursing is not just psychomotor skills. I work psych so I can spend more time caring, educating, and nurturing people who are hurting.
  5. by   Psychaprn
    You go RN777-Loved youir post!