Developmental Disabilities

  1. I would like to know, are there many hospitals in the USA specially for people with developmental disabilities? Here in New South Wales, Australia they have downgraded these hospitals and moved these guys out to the community. I think for some it is a good thing, but for others it can be terrible. The clients in our hospital are mainly people who were sent out to the community but it failed. I think you still need these types of hospitals, but with a community atmosphere not a locked up environment. In New South Wales, Australia the community concept really came into focus in the 1980's and slowly these hospitals were downgraded. I know that psych. nurses not all, really don't like when DD's are addmitted when there is an emergency out in the community. I would like to know what views you have, and are such hospitals around in the USA.

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    It's all in the terminology.....try the Learning Disability, or the Assisted Living threads, they may be a better fit for your question.
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    Coming from a psych nurse who has worked in acute psychiatric inpatient units. It is not the people who have developmental/intellectual disabilites we dont like admitted to acute pscyh wards. It is rather the impact it has on those with these disabilites who have difficulty in an environment with acutely psychotic patients. It is unsafe for everyone and not the appropriate place for their crisis care/management. Not only that but I guess psych nursing incorporates all realms - A&D, behavioural and anger management, ID, Physical D (head injury) etc etc but we dont get added training. It would be like placing a gynae patient in with demetia patients. We are about to have a 320 bed psychopaedic hosptial close. I now work in community mental health and it is amazing how many referrels we are getting for these clients. I could go on forever and in more detail (probably havent made much sense above).