Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression?

  1. Today in psych rotation it was discussed they are considering looking into DBS on a pt who although responsive to ECT is still receiving damage when it happens and not sure if the short term upgrade in condition is worth it anymore.

    I had just read this am how DBS was used to treat a child with dystonia and understand it is also used for parkinsons but am very unclear on its use for depressive disorders not responsive to the usual treatments.

    Has anyone seen this used and if so, how was the outcome? Also when searching internet for the scant information I could find, I came across two other treatments: Transcranial Magneitc Stimulation and Vagal Nerve Stimulation..... TMS is still also experimental but VNS appears to be used a bit more.

    Anyone have some concrete information on any of these? Today I had such a great day there that I am seriously considering that after graduation! I think I could really make a difference in these people's lives.
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