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My boyfriend has schizophrenia. he was very open and honest with me from the first day of our relationship that he had it. i really had strong feelings for him regardless of it. i haven't seen him in... Read More

  1. by   Doctrinaire
    after reading about menta illness worsening over time, i'm scared for my future. i hope things don't get worse for me. that was always a fear of mine after seeing my sister deteriorating over time. what's the point of living if the illness will get worse in the future? in my opinion, mentall illness is the worst disease there is. nothing compares. people dont understand what it's like. people have more compassion for cancer patients then they do for the mentally ill. cancer is nothing compared to mental illness. my grandmother had cancer and even she said she is glad she doesn't have a menta impairment. she said herself she would no be able to tolerate it. not that cancer is not a challenge its not as big of challenge as mental illness. your body can be healed but when you lose your mind you've lost everything. i believe euthanasia should be legal everywhere, especially for the mentally ill. one of the things i will be fighting for when i become a nurse. you should have the right to die whenever you want, and there should not be so much bureaucracy attached to it. it's almost like the government wants you live and suffer so that insurance companies and pharmaceuticals can cash in.

    sorry for being so magniloquent, but i'm just so passionate about this stuff because of my own personal experiences with myself and family members.
  2. by   lymiria
    Quote from Doctrinaire
    After reading about menta illness worsening over time, I'm scared for my future. I hope things don't get worse for me.
    I wouldn't worry too much. I've read conflicting things on mental illness getting worse with age, and I'm really not sure they know anything about it with any amount of certainty yet. My mother is mentally ill, as well as my dad, and functioning wise, they've both improved greatly over the years. Even my dad, who doesn't take medication, but who probably has some sort of delusional thing going on. In fact, my mother is one of the most well functioning people I know. Not to mention that I've improved considerably since high school. Even when I have rare 'moments', I have insight into them now, which was pretty much impossible for me years ago. Just keep taking care of yourself and you might be surprised.