Can someone tell me more about Psych NPs and what they do?

  1. i'm a new graduate from an lvn/rn program working in a med/surg unit because i was told it was a good idea that i get a year of med/surg before moving on......but i hate it! i have always been interested in psych since i can remember (i was an lvn for 13 yrs), but never actually worked in psych. the closest ive came to psych was a registry job at the local prison, which i hated. i got into nursing because i was told over and over again that it's a stable profession. i always wanted to run therapy groups and support groups. my favorite part of my job as a nurse is talking to the patients, which i don't get to do much any more. i was wondering about becoming a psych np, but i wonder if they do any kind of therapy. what areas other than prison or jail do they work, what are they're day to day tasks, what type of meds do they prescribe, what type of schooling is needed. i think i need to find one and see interview him or her, but i was wondering if there were any on this forum. thanks!
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    There are several threads on your topic here. You'll be led to them if you type in psych NP or other words that fit in the search bar at the top of the page. It's a BIG topic!