**Psychological Support .

  1. Any One can till me please , What are the characteristics required of the nurse to support the patients` feeling trust in the practitioner and understanding of the processes involved ,and to be more cooperation and motivation to assist with prescribed care .
    Thank You .:stone
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Hi sweetnurse,

    It seems to me that you may be a student nurse from the questions you are asking, many at the same time. It also sounds as hough you are doing an ICU rotation. If I am wrong, I will apologize, but, if I am right I think it only fair to yourself and your learning process to do some research and find the answers on your own. I feel that by coming here and getting answers to your questions you may be shorting yourself some knowledge.
    Yes, coming here and asking the questions will get you the right answers, but will you learn anything at all from the process?

    And if I am wrong about you being a student I will apologize up front. It just seems that more and more theses boards are a way for many of our up and coming nurses to take the easy way out.

  4. by   sweetnurse11
    2 nd career RN :Hi
    You should not say what ever you have post and copy it 5 times in the board , you don't know who I am and you can't make judgment about me from my question . I'm Registered Nurse working in ICU since one year , I'm not student nurse dewing research or rotation in ICU , I have more interesting in reading and learning more about nursing care and practices in the would and how the nurse can give the best quality patient care in correct manner to save both nurse and patient .I have post my question because I thought other nurse will get benefit from it even if I knew the answer , but that doesn't mean dewing homework by posting my question ,I think if you know the answer and you are interesting to chairing us your opinion regarding that topic will be better instead of writhing report about me...who I am ?.Now you are wasted your time and my times also to writhe for you post reply ,better to keep the place for writhing some thing that others can get benefit from it . * I don't know if my question is too difficult , So no body could answer it .
  5. by   micro
    sweet nurse.......
    tough ???, but good one......
    it is tough in our fast paced, barely have time to do an assessment kind of pace that we keep up.....

    but i think taking/making the time to slow down and not being in such a hurry(if possible)...assess the patient and their s.o.'s as to their emotional and other intellectual makeup.......this is not to be taken as a prejudiced statement in anyway.....
    but we are each different people and depending with what is occuring and what dx, etc.....besides does this person have medical background or total layman, etc.....

    alot of it for me has came with time.....and not that i always hit it.....but it is just sorta a center to center thing.........with my patients and families.......

    sorry if micro make no sense.......in my mind i do.........xoxoxoxoxox