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:nuke:omg!!! got an interview for psych/ dual diagnosis job.. Real excited here.

Ive been doing medical splurgical for a year now. I have always known my strengths lie in my rapport with patients. I feel I will really do well in this field.

Any one out here work with dual diagnosed population?? Can you share some of your wisdom?? I would really like to know. Any one in recovery themselves, and if so, do you tell your patients that??

Any thoughts appreciated

sanakruz, ADN

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In CA we call this population people with "Co- occuring disorders."

This is very common these days to put chemically dependent folks into a psych milieu. Saves money. You may actually get individuals that are both addicted and say, schizoaffective. You know what? The dynamics are the same. I fully believe in the recovery paradigm for thought disorders:


Admit you are sick, take your meds and be well one day at at time.

You will see a mixed bag, plenty of borderlines no doubt, and if you like people and have compassion you will do well.

Psych units scramble for reimbursement from insurance companies as PARITY (Equal reimbursement fro illnesses) doesn't exist. I guess the backwards thinking by they who hold the money is "it's all in your head", and it can't be seen on an X-ray.

You will get a lot of folks treating you as if you are not a "real" nurse. (Even other nurses.) Don't buy it.

Best Wishes


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