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Hello all, I am new to this website. I work in a Psychiatric Prison here in Wisconsin. We exclusively treat mentally ill inmates. I work on a unit of 23 inmates who are of the "intermediate Psych" category. Mostly Scizophrenic, Bipolar, Many halucinations. I am the only nurse on the unit and there are 3 Psych care techs also.The population of the entire institution is approximately 400. I was wondering if there are any other nurses who work in a prison of this setting.


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I also work in a psych prison. We're located in Texas. It has a 550 bed psych facility, plus a 50 + 30 medical facility and a 450 (app.) bed trusty camp. It is a very interesting place to work, and needless to say, every psych situation you can imagine has happened here. Right now I'm the QI coordinator, which is concerned mainly about Access To Care. I'd love to talk with others about their similar experiences


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I am a member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

A large part of the membership do Psych in prison. Here is a link to the organization.


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:confused: I am new to the boards. I work in Brenham, Texas as a MHMR nurse for the state of Tex. I am at a lose for words due to the state wants to privitize the state schools and state hospitals. I am with the realization it probably will happen to us. I have 10 years in with the state.

I have considered looking into the prison systems. I really enjoy my job and it will be hard to give it up, but lets face it, I still have a good 9 1/2 years before I can retire. It is my best interest to try to stay with a state job.

I am interested in Austin, Bastrop areas. Any advice?

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