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  1. How many hours do you work on the average week?

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:eek: I'm very interested in the world of psychology and I think I would make a wonderful psychiatrist or psychologist. I'm currently a nurse in a LTC facility. I'm 42 years old and I don't know if I can accomplish this with working fulltime. Has anyone done this recently and/or does anyone have any ideas or advice. I would love to be able to accomplish my goal and still have time for my 2 kids(11 & 12 yrs old) and my wife. I don't want to "short" change any aspect of my life. Please post any comments that may help.....I'm willing to accept advice and give credit where credit is due....Thanks, Bill A. from West Virginia...

I delayed a goal for years thinking I was too old. I just got older and still wanted that goal. Finally I went for it! Working towards a long-held goal is rewarding in itself. I have more regrets over things I did not do in my life rather than things I did.


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I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking psych nurses how many hours they work? I'm sure it's as many or as few as they want. Do you want to know how many hours psychiatrists or psychologists work? If so, then you're probably asking the question in the wrong place. If you want to go to med school to be a psychiatrist, I think it would be unlikely you could work full time. Med school is pretty much a full-time proposition. Why haven't you considered becoming a PMHNP? Those programs are often pretty much designed for people who work full-time.



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If this is what you think you want to do why not try working as a psych nurse or tech whatever according to what your education is. Then you will know if that is what you want. If it is then go for it. There is alot more to psych nursing or counseling than just talking. There is dealing with choices people make for their lives.No matter how much we try to help some people, they ultimately decide their own fate. (suicide, drugs,whatever). This is hard to deal with when you have given someone all you've got and its not enough. Then there are those who are just flakes and although they need help also you still got to have what it takes to help them.

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