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i'm looking into a practicum in corrections. My specialty is psych. I see corrections advertising for PsychAPRN's and I'm wondering what the real world is like. I posted on the APRN board too.

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replying to my own post. I'd really like to hear from real life experince in corrections. Are your psy pt. segregated,mixed in,do you have psy services to deal with the psychotics,manage their meds, or that provide programming like anger management, addictions ,CBT ?

I guess it depends on where you work in Corrections. What I have seen is that psych patients are in general population, often not recognized as needing psych care while they are in jail.

Once recognized, they get referred to Psych, medicated. If they have good lawyers, they might get moved to psych facilities instead of staying in correctional facilities.

Some jails make attempts to protect (segregate) them, also.

Are you an APRN?

Specializes in psych.

KK,Thanks for the reply!! I'm in the home stretch :yeah:I'm setting up my practicum sites/hours/preceptors.I've been in psych 15 +,done middle management for years and am sick:down: of that.I am soo ready for primary care. I see PMHNP jobs in corrections posted.I'd really rather not deal with kids & that seems to be an outpt./inpt. expectation. Do you have APRN's where you are and if so what do they do,how are they seen ie OK or a pain in the CO's/the rest of nursing's hoohaa.

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