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Psych to med-surg... So scared!


So I graduated and started my nursing career in February 2013 at an acute inpatient psych facility. I did well and was promoted to charge nurse by November. I usually had 8 patients and we rarely had a tech. I always got all my work done with no problem.

I've decided I really want medical experience, so I'm transferring to a med-surg floor where I will eventually have 6 patients. They do provide 6 weeks of orientation before you're on your own. I'm pretty good with time management, but I feel like I'm going to embarrass myself with my lack of hands on skills and medical management since nursing school. I've reviewed everything I can... Any advice to not look incompetent??

I'm in the exact same boat. Have a job offer to a big time hospital here. Night shift med surg. Pays more than my job now. I'm just afraid of looking like a dummy because I'm not exposed to all the nursing skills or forgot them since nursing school or only done them once while in clincals. I have been a nurse at an SNF for almost a year by this October. I get along with my coworkers and aids there. I don't want to give up this job and fail at my other job.

adamRn79, BSN, RN

Specializes in Ortho. Has 4 years experience.

I had a "non bedside" nursing job for 4 years, before I started medsurg a year ago. I too was anxious, but I have done very well. You'll do fine. Technical skills are easier to pick up the critical thinking.