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Psych facilities hiring near LA


Hello all! I recently moved to LA area, and have roughly a year of RN experience under my belt. Some med/surg, the rest home health. I am very eager to get into psych and mental health nursing, as my eventual goal is PMHNP. I was wondering if any of you know of facilities that hire experienced RNs without official psych experience, or what some reputable places are? Thank you in advance!!

check out College Hospital in Cerritos or Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena

also apply for RN I/relief nurse for the county. this takes a long time but the acute psych experience there is very valuable.

Thank you so much! Have you worked for county? I have heard mixed things, but everyone says the experience is amazing!

i have not personally but have friends working psych at Harbor-UCLA. The majority of the patient population is homeless and definitely not happy about being there so it can be difficult day to day but as a whole they say it's great psych experience. County benefits are great too so that doesn't hurt

that sounds like my dream!!!!!!

definitely apply :) RN I/relief nurse does not require any experience but your 1yr experience should look great. just be aware their hiring process takes a long time, like it can be months