a pseudo job offer?


Hello all!

This is my first time posting, and I have a question about the hiring process in general.

I have one year left until graduation for my RN, with plans to go into NICU.

I have a very good connection that put me in direct contact with the unit manager, who had HR call me saying that "BLANK wants to bring me in for an interview!"

I went to the interview exactly one week later, and the interview went fantastic. The manager seemed extremely pleased, and made the following statments (nearly verbatim...i hung on her every word, haha)..

"Your experiences and history will make for a wonderful nurse in this field" "I love your personality and enthusiasm" "I would like to put you in a per diem role that I think will work well with your school schedule" "When are you available to start?" "Training should not interfere with your school schedule"

The entire interview just flowed great, and she seemed as pleased as I was. At the end of the interview she explained to me that she would open up a PER DIEM job on their career page and that I would need to go on and apply for it, and that BLANK in HR would be calling me with a formal offer and that she was happy to have me joining her wonderful team. I took all of this to mean a verbal job offer, and left there completely excited. I sent a followup thank you email to her the next day.

It had been one week since that interview, and the PER DIEM position has not been posted, and I have not heard anything from HR, so I called HR and simply explained that I had my interview and was instructed to go online to fill submit an application for the specific positon she wanted to place me in, but that I am unable to see the postion and just wanted to check in if there was something else I needed to do. She said that she would send the manager an email her and let her know of my inquiry and try to followup with it for me. (this was on monday, it is now wednesday night and I haven't seen any movement yet).

I am so anxious and worried, I would gratefully appreciate any advice on what to do next or any thoughts you all may have on this situation.



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I would first follow up with the unit manager, and remind him/her of what you were told. Explain that you are trying to plan your semester and you need to know whether to figure work into it.

I doubt that you were duped, with as many specifics as you were given. What sometimes happens is that in their zeal to get good people hired, some managers promise things that they later find out they cannot offer.

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Usually, interviewers play their cards a lot closer to the vest. The way she was gushing and making promises is a bit of a red flag. I agree with the previous poster that you might want to give her a call and remind her of her promise, but it wouldn't surprise me if you find her hard to get hold of. She probably was offering things she discovered she couldn't deliver. She really should call you with an apology in that case.

Maybe this will still come through, but if not something even better will. Many job rejections turn out to be dodged bullets. Good luck!


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Depending on the facility it takes time to get the position approved and moved through HR and then posted. Always, always, follow up an interview with a Thank-You letter for their time. This is a gentle reminder that you are there and still interested.