227 on PSB! 3 more points...

by Iridescent Orchid Iridescent Orchid, CNA, LPN Member Nurse

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On my 2nd attempt at the PSB I scored a raw score 227. I felt relieved considering my 1st score was a 209, but I still didn't do good enough!

We have to make at least a 230 to be up for selection. While a lot of it is still fresh in my memory, I am going back tomorrow and taking it! I was wondering if any of you may know just about how many more it will take to get right to make up to/exceed the 230 mark?

I remembered a lot of the ones I struggled with or had to take extra time on and looked them up, happening to find the correct answers and have studied them. This is the last time I can take the PSB for the college I'm going to. If I don't make my 3 points, I'll have to transfer to a farther away college that accepts a raw score of 220. I'm pretty sure I've found an estimate of about 8 I scored wrong...just hoping that will be enough to boost me to the 230+ mark tomorrow.

Pray for me please guys!

I hope everyone is doing well in their lives and their schooling! Keep on doing your best! :yeah: