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3 P's

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Hey guys, I'm currently in a BSN-PhD program in Florida. The first 2 years of the program involve taking all PhD courses. The last year is supposed to be Master-level courses and clinicals. Currently in year 2. My husband is in his last year of medical school and it's looking like he is going to match to a non-Florida residency program. I asked if I could change around the order of my classes so that I would be able to move with him. My administration told me to do that, I needed to take the 3 P's: Advanced Clinical Assessment, Patho, and Pharm by this summer. The only course I still need is pharm, but my program doesn't offer it until later on in the year. They told me I could reach out to other programs to take a comparable pharm course and transfer it back. 

Does anyone know of nursing programs (preferably online) that let you take just one of the 3 Ps? I've called around (Chamberlain, Walden, Regis) but they don't do that. If I don't end up taking taking pharm this summer, I wouldn't be able to start clinicals until next fall and would then have to spent the year apart from hubby and baby girl or fly back and forth. Both those options sound awful. Any advice would be great! 

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