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I am new to and would love some provo advice. I will be moving to Provo, but know no nothing about the hospitals there. My previous experience is med/surg/CCU for 1 year and Ob office and pediatric medical unit. Okay that sounds like everything. The other problem is I haven't worked for a year. I think I would like to work in an ICU area because I loved figuring out what exactly is going on with individual patients. I think that would be a great field to keep up my nursing skills too. Does anyone know of the hospitals in that area? Job openings? Or any advice really would be appreciated. Thanks much:D


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The biggest hospital in Provo is Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. It is an IHC hospital. You can go to select careers, do a search on Nurse and greater provo area, and you will find several things available. I think they are the only level 1 trauma hospital down here. Very good working conditions.

The other hospital is Mount Timpanogos in Orem. Orem is right next to Provo. They boarder each other. The 2 hospitals are 15 min's apart. Anyway, that is with mountainstar, and I think you can go to or org, and find it. The nice thing about Timp is that they are adding 2 new floors to it, should be ready later on this year, so they may have a lot of openings.

I don't think you can go wrong with either one of the hospitals. I'm in nursing school, got my LPN this week :nuke:, and I have done clinicals in both, and I like them both.

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