Providence for New Grads? Mill Creek a good area to live?

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I'm relocating and hopefully taking a job at Providence Everett. Anyone a new grad there? What's it like for you?

My husband and I are looking at the Mill Creek area for a home. First to rent an apartment then to buy. The Elementary School is highly rated. Is the area generally nice? I'm from New Orleans:jester:, so "nice" may be used loosely :p


Yes, Mill Creek is a great area. It is a upper middle-class suburb (my preferred type of area to live in), and development did not really start to happen until the early W's, so it's a nicer, newer area. There is decent shopping and restaurants with the Mill Creek Town Center just finished.

The school district is Everett (OK district over all), but the Mill Creek schools, including Jackson High are very good. Actually the best school district in the state is North Shore which ends about one mile south of Mill Creek. Canyon Park area of Bothell is a very nice area close to Mill Creek as well, as is the city of Woodinville. Woodinville is more rural (except the city center) than Mill Creek though, which is more of a typical West Coast Suburb.

One great thing about Mill Creek is the access though. You are very close to both I-5, and I-405 which are the two major Seattle/North End freeways. Also, you would be heading against the flow of traffic going to Everett if you worked the day shift.

The only draw back to Mill Creek is they do have allot of city regulations to try and keep housing values up. The entire city is under a "HOA", so you need to get your color approved when painting your house, will get a ticket if you trash cans are visible from the street or your grass goes uncut, not allowed antennas or visible satellite dishes on the roof, etc. In a way it is a good, and bad thing. It keeps the city looking nice, and property values higher than surrounding areas, but limits what you can do with your home.

Specializes in mother/baby, transition nursery, level II NICU.

That was incredibly helpful, thank you so much! I didn't expect too much of a reply since it wasn't really nursing related. It sounds perfect for us, we're excited to move.

I really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

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