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I'm curious as to what everyone else's protocol is for central line dssg changes. Currenly where I work we do PICC lines, Midlines, Subclavian, and Jugualar dssg changes Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I'm wondering is there any research out there dealing with this. Does changing central line dssg's more frequently decrease the risk of infection? Or does it matter at all if you change them once, twice or three times a week?

Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated as I am considering approaching our Nurse Manager about this and if you have any articles about this could you please post the reference for the article. I need somthing I can go on here.

It would not only save me time as a nurse to spend more time with my patients but it would also save my patients money in the healthcare system, for somthing that may not be required (if the research supports it).

Thank-you in advance

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I hope you get some replies from some IV nurses (which I'm not); they have the most up-to-date info. Our facility also changes CVP dressings 3xweek, Mon., Wed., Fri.

Have you posted your question also on the IV therapy section of allnurses?

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Our policy is q72hours, no set days. I thought the CDC said that it isn't necessary to do it more often.

Our Picc's we usually leave alone as they aren't secured except by the opsite..and if we do have to change it we use 2 to get the dressing off and one to hold the Picc.

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