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Protocol Coordinator (Research)

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Hello ,

I'm switching from OR nursing to a Protocol Coordinator (research nurse) position in a teaching hospital? Can anyone tell me what are the day to day functions of this role, stress level, any pressure to enroll new patients? Do you find it rewarding and are there opportunities to advance in this field? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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It really depends on alot of factors. Are you going to be coordinating one project or multiple projects.Are you expected to submit ethics proposals? How big is your team? Who is your sponsor? Pharmas are about numbers and meeting deadlines. It also depends which area of research. I hear oncology can be demanding. I have worked as a research coordinator in a teaching hospital.What was challenging was been involved in 5 different research protocols ranging from IBD,Genetics,stroke etc. You have to be organized to keep track of everything and everyone. Currently I am in charge of one protocol in a clinical trial.The PHD student is doing all the recruitment.My main job is follow-up and managing the data that is collected. It might sound easy but keeping track of all the patients and which week of follow-up they are in and the testing they require can sometimes be stressful if you are not organized. I am also contributing to the write up so lots of literature review and reading up journal articles to keep up with current research. I find my job rewarding because I get to use my clinical knowledge and my research findings are being used to improve patient outcomes or even change policies. As for further opportunities,the sky is the limit..You can work as a manager in your clinical research center,you can do PHD in a research topic you enjoy,and once you start networking among your peers you will be the first to find out about research funding opportunities. A PHD opens a door of opportunities. You can also work on medical devices,quality control and regulatory affaurs,or CRA if you want to work in industry.


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge about research nursing and for breaking it down for me. This field seems very interesting and I hope to enjoy it as much as you do.

I have interest in nursing research. What qualifications is needed to be considered as research protocol coordinator? I read research protocol coordinator is usually the entry point for nurses into the world of nursing research hence there's no formal education for it. I read nursing research is embedded in graduate programme. Can you please enlighten me more. What kind of MSN Program prepares one in nursing research and which university offers it? Thank you so much for your time.