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I am working in a bush Alaska hospital. Recently we began using the Protectiv cathelons. We have had many episodes of poor results of starting an IV with these, such as catheter sheering, the catheter crumpling, hematomas at the insertion site. We have filled out incident reports, had a rep come over for additional teaching of use of these catheters, but still continue to have problems. Does anyone have any sugestions, web sites or studies for us to further research this problem?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi There,

we used them as well at a hospital I worked at, they worked fine, but one time we got a terrible batch and they all did just what you have described in the post. Usually the rep looks at you like a crazy person if you suggest a bad batch. But they can happen. Try a new batch. Beyond that, I am of no help whatsoever- good luck!!! smile.gif

If these do not work for you, switch to something else. I would try a "second" batch of them first, but if the results are the same, is it worth the problems you are experiencing? Especially since you are in a remote area, you shouldn't have to put up with equipment that does not work for you. Good luck.

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