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I am new to all nurses. I am a 15 year old boy in scotland. I will be 16 this year and starting my 5th my second last year of highschool. I want to be a nurse and help people. I want to be an adult nurse. Because of the way things have worked out I will not have the required science qualifications to go straight to uni from school at 17 years old. I am thincking of doing a hnc healthcare at college. Is this a good idea. I have rung the colleges and been told i would be a good candaite as i should have 3 highers and some intermediates. I also do the duke of edinburgh award, valounteer with beaver scouts. would doing an hnc healthcare be a good idea.


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You could always go to college and aim to get required qualifications. Nothing says you need to go straight into nursing course and sometimes gaining a bit of experience helps. I was 20 when I went to nursing school and preferred having that experience before hand. I also joined the TA as a medic at 18 which also gave me an insight and maybe an option for you