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Pros & Cons of being a CRNA

Hey all!

In the past several months or so I have been considering going on the path to becoming a CRNA, of course it's a long path since I'm just beginning my college path so things may change.

All I know about CRNA's is research based. I've googled, youtubed, read fourms, and recently have contacted a CRNA at a hospital. I'm planning a job shadow with him in the next couple weeks, but he kinda gave me a slap in my face.

He was telling me how he feels like he lives at the hospital, he says he rarely sees his boys and wife. He told me that if he did everything all over again he would have rather been a NP or PA (which ironically is another path I've been researching). He told me that the money was a deciding factor between his NP or CRNA choice, but he said the money isn't worth it when he doesn't have the time to do anything with it.

Now why I was interested in CRNA wasn't for the money, although it makes it more appealing, I find it interesting (from what I've researched), I still want to shadow him to see if it is something I would love to do. Part of me feels like he is bitter about his job because he went into it for money.

So from the mouths of other CRNAs, do you guys feel the same way as this guy does? What are the pros and cons in your mind?

pros awsome job cons........ cannot think of any really

Shadow him to see what the job is like but don't be discouraged by his schedule. I've been doing this for about 25 years and have managed to game the system schedule wise for probably 20 of them. Schedule has always meant more to me than money but I still made a fine buck. The fact that I lived and worked in Manhatten probably helped as rural work usually requires more call from what I gather. Ed

Off course Crnas can attest to this better than I can, but a few Crnas have told me that the schedule depends on where you work. I heard some pretty cush schedules and some brutal ones.


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I'm concerned with the hours as well.

I have no issue with working OT or anything. I'm sure that it won't be typical office jobs...but I don't exactly want to live at the hospital.:D

Sure, you earn a nice paycheck -- but there's something to be said for 'quality of life'...