Proper way to quit an on-call position?


I currently work two on-call CNA positions at the local hospital and at a nursing home. I also am starting an ADN program in September.

I'd rather work only the hospital job while in school since it pays more, is less stressful, and will give me the opportunity to work as an ICU nurse technician after my first quarter. I think I would feel overwhelmed trying to schedule additional shifts at the nursing home.

What's the proper way to quit my on-call, at-will position at the nursing home? I understand that giving a two-weeks notice is standard, but that wouldn't make sense for me since I don't have a regular schedule.

My thought is that I should schedule myself the minimum four monthly shifts for September, and tell the DON that September will be my last month of employment.

I'm a respect-kind-of guy, and I don't want to burn any bridges. Anyone have previous experience or other ideas? Or is my idea solid?


I remember reading on here that you should just not be available for the minimum amount of shifts required for your position. It is sort of a default way of quitting. Essentially, it is like issuing a passive resignation and creates an automatic termination from the system, without causing any major issues.

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Giving two weeks notice is acceptable. Even better if you are willing and able to schedule yourself the minimum shifts in Sept. while telling them it is your last.