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I would like to hear from anyone who was worked for PromptCare home infusion as a field nurse? What was your experience like?

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I don't work for them but for a competitor and not as a field nurse but as a liaison, so take my opinion for what it's worth but I feel that all national home infusion pharmacies are basically the same (PromptCare is also a DME/respiratory company though)-

Field nursing in the home infusion industry involves a ton of on-call. I was offered a field nurse position before I took my liaison position and the reason I turned it down was because of the amount of on-call. You could be called in the middle of the night and have to go out to see a patient that lives on the other side of your state and then still be expected to start your day at 8am.

Prior to being in my current position, I was a visiting nurse for a nursing agency and I had patients on service with many infusion companies. Those were 5 companies then, now they are 3. These companies have all been slowly buying one another out (PromptCare came into my state after buying out a local infusion pharmacy) and are closing offices to cut costs and just overworking the employees they have left. My own company, for example, was the result of a merger of 2 companies in my state. There were at least 4 offices between the 2 companies before the merger. Now there is 1 but we still cover the entire state so the field nurses have a vast territory.


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I interviewed for a full time position Infusion RN with PromptCare. I also worried about on call, they have an oncall RN that covers three weeks a month. One week a month is split between 4 full timers. So on call would be one week every four months. I also would not be required to work weekends unless I want to pick up extra. Salary offered $84,500, $75/month cell phone allowance, ipad for charting, and door to door mileage. Not sure if this is a good rate as the only experience I have in home infusion is as a supervisor, not a field nurses.