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Has anyone heard of ProMed personnel medical staffing?


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Yes, I know they have an office in Manhattan - I worked there temporarily as a receptionist while they were trying to find me work. The owner is a JERK and is one of the reasons why I didn't stay there longer than a few weeks. I remember when he hired me he "patted" me on the face and told me "I was going to be fine" - I should've listened to my conscience then but I ignored it because I was just re-entering the workforce after a long break from being a stay at home mom, and I was desperate. I believe they also have an office in long island. The staff there is really nice and were really helpful but I wouldn't step foot back in that place because of the owner - REAL JERK and extremely unprofessional.


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i have an interview with them on monday in the manhattan office. i just hope they get me something.


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My friend and I had an interview with them a few months back. They couldnt get us anything especially if your are a new grad. The only thing they sent us to was a home health open house. Why would you need to go through them to find you an interview if the ad for the open interview was all over the Advance magazine. I wouldnt hold my breath for them to find you a job. The girl working at the manhattan office is nice tho. I hope she can find you something.


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ccjus123, oh no! Did you report him?! 'Pat' on face?! Have you found anything since then? Wait, PM me. I MAY have met him now that I think about it. Uh oh... Despite that, everyone else was nice.

laura11, how did the interview go? It took them a few weeks to get me an interview. They are still contacting me with possible interviews as well. Not too shabby.

evanmiffy, sorry for the bad experience. they've been good so far. i just recently had an interview with a company they referred.

I will keep trucking along...


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yeah i have actually i recently signed on with them it was a very easy process but i have not had any assignments yet:scrying:... still waiting. let me know how every thing goes if you decide to join


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It takes a while. I didn't hear anything for about 3 weeks to a month, then I had interviews. I hope that something comes around. Please let me know.

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