Professional Life Stress Scale

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pretty cool:cool:

thanx for sharing this scale..pretty insightful


OK, I scored a 31 and it said that stress is clearly a problem in my life and I need to take action. How can one determine if their line of work is wrong or if it's the place of employement and managment? I know that the management is bad and creates a toxic work environment and have been looking to make a change. But sometimes I feel that maybe working in the OR is to stressful for me and perhaps I need a calmer atmosphere so I'm hesitating on getting another OR position. What is my best strategy?

Thanks for sharing the link.

Wow... very enlightening. I scored a 53! I knew I've been feeling stressed and burnt out at work, but I didn't realize it's been affecting me this much. Good to see my feelings validated, though. Guess I'd better start making some serious changes.

Thanks again for sharing.


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