Professional Liability Insurance - Do I need it?


What is your opinion on Professional ? I have been under the impression that if a patient or whomever files a claim, the hospital, employer will throw you under the bus. Has this been your experience?

Having your own professional liability insurance is an individual decision. Your employer certainly will cover you and still will whether or not you have your own insurance. The benefits of having your own insurance include that you will haveyour own attorney and, if your interests are adverse to your employer, your own attorney will be there to protect you.

Another benefit is that some policies offer reimbursement for professional license defense. So, if any matter is taken against your license, you can have an attorney to assist you and be reimbursed for the attorney fees.

For more information about this, read this article that I shared in the allnurses Magazine.

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I often wondered about this topic. I have carried my own since nursing school (over 32 years). This provided me information to continue with my own. Thanks for the information!

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You are so welcome. Glad I can be of service.