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Professional Goals Statement

Hi folks.

I need some advice. My grad school application is almost complete, but I am trying to fininsh up my professional goals statement, but it doesn't seem perfect yet. I need to includ my professional goals and why my choosen major at the graduate level will lead me to my goals. Help!!! I want it to be great, because I know it is so important. Any ideas of where to get examples of NP goals statements. All I can find is Ed, psych, and MBA's. It is somewhat helpful, but I would love to see a NP's goals statement.

Hi NHRNmomof3,

I feel your problem. I have been trying to write my essay for the last month and am having a tough time. You can try looking on the web for examples of goal statements but honestly I haven't seen anything specifically for NP or nursing for that matter. I have several concerns about my essay and maybe someone cam help allieve one of them. First, (I am sure many others have the same concern), I don't feel like I have anything special that sets me apart from the other candidates and why I want to enter nursing. I feel like my reasons are all standard and the idea of wanting to help people is a little vague since there are many "helping" professions but they weren't for me. 2nd, I am applying to BA/MSN programs like you and I feel that somethings I want to say would help the MSN part but are not applicable to being a nurse. How do you balance out the fact that a BSNs' responsibilities are so different from a MSN? Thanks.

I don't know how many drafts I did before I sent in mine last week. I too had the same problem with not finding any nursing or NP ones. Mostly were education or psych. I read that include in your goals statement, what is not included in your resume or CV. My resume included some things that I felt set me apart from other nurses. When I wrote my goals statement I started with a typical patient I once cared for and how that patient is an example of how I came to the conclusion I wanted to be a NP and went from there.

Are your from vermont? I wasn't sure because of your user name. I'm from NH

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