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I recently had an experience with a nurse at the hospital I work and it really raises some concerns for me.

I have a family member who is in the hospital and the family is attempting to determine the best place for this person, home alone is definitely not an option.

Anyway, I was attempting to help another family member understand some results that were given to them (of course professional terms were used and they had no idea what was going on) but this nurse walked up and said "HE Aint going home, there is NO way he can go home" very abruptly. I later heard her talk to another patient's family on the phone "There aint no reason that she qualifies for medicare. She don't get physical therapy and don't have no IV" well, first off the information was correct, but aren't we professionals and part of this includes communicating in a professional manner? What about how the family is feeling? What happened to sympathetic communication.

My family was very taken back by her manner. I know we all aren't english majors---but our profession struggles with image at times--do we have to sound like we are uneducated too?

I too am not perfect, and this person is a good nurse. I just think that we can discuss matters such as this with kindness, and be part of the solution, not just handing down information in an abrupt and uncaring, as well as unprofessional manner.


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I agree!!!! I would not feel comfortable being afraid in a hospital and have my nurse speaking to me in that manner. I would be scared to death thinking he/she doesn't know how to speak and he/she is caring for me!? very unprofessional! I would not want my child's teacher, or my Dr. to speak that way. Why should nurses be any different? She should respect herself and her profession more by"acting" the part.

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