Procrastination and Grad School Don't Mix - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 109

How bad is it in nursing school for procrastinators?

Graduate nursing school is fast paced, demanding, and very time consuming. Students are expected to fulfill a plethora of school obligations, while simultaneously attempting to have a semblance of a work life balance.


How bad is it in nursing school for procrastinators?

As the semester progresses students can become overwhelmed, which then leads to increased stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Eventually, something has to give, and that's when procrastination sets in!

Anyone will tell you that procrastination is a major liability in graduate school. But is it always a bad thing? Sometimes it serves as a reminder to take a break and regroup. However, the danger lies when students overindulge in this practice. One thing that's important to remember in graduate school is to always prepare for the unexpected. Unless things go as planned, procrastination can cause detrimental results.

In this week's vlog I discuss how my old procrastination habits are creeping back up, the closer I get to the end of my semester. However, with so many deadlines fast approaching, I quickly realize that I don't have the luxury of procrastination. If I want to be successful in my graduate nursing program it's important that I focus, and kick it into high gear!

Some Highlights

  • Use calendars (paper or electronic, such as iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar etc) to help organize and prioritize your time. This tip has enabled me to get assignments done ahead of time.
  • Chronic procrastination in graduate school is a recipe for failure
  • When the unexpected happens, will you be ready?

I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 109: Procrastination and Grad School Don't Mix. Do have any tips and/or tricks that help you combat procrastination? If so, please share below.

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This is so great! I love it. I am in grad school as well. I do tend to procrastinate but I have a mentor that holds me accountable. I set my own goals but she makes sure I stick to them! But I like school. I'm enjoying my course of study, so that helps keep me engaged and on track. Thanks for sharing your advice.


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That's awesome that you have a mentor to help keep you accountable. I always wondered why in nursing they don't really talk about the importance of mentorship. Thanks for sharing!