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Hey everyone! I recently moved to NY and tried to get all of my application stuff in befor the NY students take NCLEX and managed to succeed with that. I called today to find out the status of my application and they said they have everything they need and just have to go through and input my form 2 information about where I went to college. To be clear I have already taken and passed NCLEX in another state and am moving my license. My question is how long it can take to go through this paperwork. I mean since they have everything, I would imagine I only have another 2-3 weeks until I have a license number and can start applying to places to work. Am I right or wrong? Thank you so much for the help in advanced!!!

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We can't answer your question. Only the NY BON can speak to reasonable turn-around times.


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Fair enough. Thank you. Just wondering what the span has been for everyone else. I've seen anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks to 12 weeks.