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My pt is on dialysis, diagnosed with ESRD. Has anyone completed a process recording on a similar patient and wouldn't mind sharing it or some information with me? I had the therapeutic conversation with my patient but I can only remember certain things from our conversation and need help adding information. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated, this is my first one!

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IPRs are sometimes troublesome because you aren't allowed to write furiously while you are talking to the patient. Check out your rubric for the IPR, look at the headings, and that can often jog your memory on the conversations you've had with the patient. Try to break down the general impressions you got from the conversation. Record as well as you can from memory the patient's specific comments that gave you those impressions.

I know that the temptation is to make **** up. ;) It is frustrating because you often don't know what you're missing until you sit down to complete the assignment!

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