Probation friendly places in texas


Looking for places in texas that hire nurses on probation. I got my order, can't do narcs for 1 year, can't charge for 1 year, can't work nights or critical care, direct supervision for 1 year. Total order is for 3 years but after 1 year, then I just can't charge.

Got a job at dialysis but had run ins with my "preceptor", got accused of being high (begged for a drug screen but was brushed under) and things just went under. My preceptor has been there for 15 years, I guess she was mad she would be opennini and closing the clinic (0430 to 1930-2030). I turned my resignation in but got called by corporate telling me I have been blacklisted for all their facilities because I quit within 2 weeks. Went up chain of command and pretty much nothing I can do. It's my word (former addict on probation) agains theit best nurse. So anyway. If anyone has anyplace that is hiring in texas, I don't care where, I'll try to get there. PM or let me know. I have a feeling this will be a very long journey

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Depends what the probation is for. Substance facilities are often prone to giving second chances, but you have to be clean a certain amount of time.


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For narc diversion. Detox facilities in texas need 2 years verified drug test/sobriety before enployment. My investigator says any drug test I take before gaining employment as a nurse does not count so I'm holding off until I get a job otherwise it's $80 a week wasted. Thank you for the reply