PRN schedule?


I got hired as a patient care tech and had my first day today. I am fortunate enough that I'm mostly doing this job for the experience-to feel more comfortable at clinicals and employment after nursing school graduation. So ideally I want two shifts max a week. My question is how does the PRN scheduling work? On the schedule I saw quite a few shifts that had no tech coverage. Even if I don't sign up for those shifts, will I be called and moved to those shifts, and will I get in trouble for saying no? Also when looking at a potential schedule today, my manager said "You need to do some weekends". But this requirement was never mentioned in the interview, offer, or in writing. So I am not sure about that. I would ask my manager but I do not see her for a while and HR takes days to respond. Any advice is appreciated!


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Hi Snickers,

I just graduated from nursing school and worked as a Student Nurse Tech ( fancy title for PCT) throughout my senior year of nursing school. Essentially you and the manager get to talk through when you work! So if you cannot work, she cannot make you work, but if there is a need for tech coverage you can ask to work then. If it isn't in writing you do not need to work weekends, although I preferred working a random 8 hour shift here and there on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy your new job! :)