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the previous school nurse sent out forms asking parents which medications they want to give permission for the school nurse to give and had the physician sign off on it. mostly they are motrion, tylenol, and albuterol. the problem is the parents have failed to provide the school with this medication so i have a bunch of prn orders but no medications. there are over 100 students that have this so i have to call their parents on monday to find out if they are going to provide us with the medication and if not i am discarding the prn order because i feel that it is a liability if something were to happen and i have this order but no medication to give. do you think that is appropriate?

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I don't accept a permission form unless medication is sent in with it. We don't stock meds (other than our state mandated emergency kit with Epi-pens and albuterol).

I wouldn't necessarily toss the forms, but would return them to the parents with a notation that they can't be accepted without the corresponding medication.


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The forms are part of the permanent students' records. You cannot destroy them.

Does your school have a policy that parents must supply the health office? Do you have a budget for supplies?


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I also would not toss the forms. Instead return the form to the parents indicating that they can send the med when they return the form. Indicate no med, no form need be sent back to the school.

okay thanks!!!! i won't discard the forms, i'll just send them home with the student with a note. thank you soooooo much!!!!