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PRN in hospital while working outpatient?


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I've been an RN at a hospital for about a year, and recently accepted an outpatient same day surgery position. I look forward to the different environment and the better schedule, but I haven't entirely ruled out acute care yet for my career. I'd like to take a PRN position so I can maintain my hospital skills and my current specialty.

My question is this: how many of y'all have worked in the clinic and on the floor at the same time? Did it benefit your practice to do so?

Sorry if this question has been done to death.

Hi Wrench Party. Thought I'd reply since I am in this boat. I worked at a hospital for about a year and a half then took a PT position in an outpatient clinic and went to per diem at the hospital. I did this to keep up with acute nursing skills, resume purposes, and to keep my foot in the door just in case. I work one or two shifts at the hospital per month. I am really happy I stayed per diem there because like I said, it is a foot in the door and if anything ever happened with my outpatient job I wouldn't be completely lost and out of work. It's nice to have both outpatient and inpatient experience. There are things I like and dislike about both, so it's nice to change things up now and then.

Look into what each hospital's per diem requirements are though before accepting to make sure that it's doable for you while having another job. The hospital I work for only requires per diem nurses to work one weekend shift every 6 weeks and one holiday per year. Some hospitals may require 2 shifts or 4 shifts, etc per month.