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Private Nursing Schools in Chicagoland area IL

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Hi everyone I signed up awhile ago but never bothered posting until now. As a fresh HS graduate I've been contemplating where I should go to school and havent been able to decide a major until now. I finally decided on going into nursing most likely LPN for now and eventually go into RN, but the problem is that I am new to this nursing thing and have no idea where to start. I checked out some nursing school programs at community colleges but considering I am not in school right now, I do not want to be put on a waiting list. My friends told me about these private nursing school which are pretty easy to get into supposedly. I plan on attending some to check them out soon but I figured why not ask the forum if they have any information on these schools.

I live in Bloomingdale IL but location isn't really an issue for me, but any help will be appreciated!! :D


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Maybe I missed some schools, but on the link below you can see all approved nursing programs in IL. I recommend CMK :)


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Or you can go to a community college and start your prerequisites for the various RN programs, and not limit yourself into being just an LPN.