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private insurance with certifications

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I work for a part time for a health dept as a RN doing lactation work. I am a certified lactation educator and counselor, I sat in July for the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant exam, still waiting on results for that. I have been asked to run a Breastfeeding Support Group in my area through a healing arts center, they would not provide insurance for anyone leading groups for them. I do carry my own private nursing insurance, and I am not planning to go into private practice as a lactation consultant. The group would be mostly answering questions, I would not be doing assessments, etc... I still want to make sure I am covered insurance wise, would my personal policy be enough with the extra certifications? I am always wary of assuming that insurance covers actual things!

Your best bet would be to contact your insurance provider directly and ask them about this (and, if the answer is "yes," get that in writing). Their answer is the only one that matters. :)


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I would add that your insurance policy is likely adequate if they are covering you as an IBCLC. You should call them and let them know this is what you are going to be doing. Your premiums might go up or down depending on your new certification and area of practice.

My personal malpractice insurance is fussy and they want to know exactly what type of area you work in, what your certs are, etc. before they will write you a policy.