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Private duty in Virginia?


Hey everyone...I'm having some difficulty trying to find a job that I'd be happy with. I've been working in LTC for 3 years and I had to get out! I'm a full time RN student as well and I just can't handle the extra stess anymore. I was thinking about doing private duty. From what I hear, it pays a lot, has very flexible hours, and not that stressful since you can care for one person at a time and it's generally the same patient. My question is...how in the heck do I find private duty in Northern Virginia?! I have been looking for months and I'm not having much luck. I really wanted to find something on my own so I didn't have to go through an agency, but I can't find either. I know they exist! Does anyone know how I might find some? Or any suggestions of where I can post ads for a private duty job? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

-Kristen :)

Go to an agency. I had a friend in a class last semester who was an LPN for 10 years and she said she worked for a really great agency doing private duty work. She said she loved her job and it was not really stressful and helped her study as she was an RN student and older mom. She did private duty. Go to an agency. Not all are the same but they can expose you to different areas. You make more money too. But you don't get benefits.

Are you an LPN?

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